Social Media Optimization

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Social Media Optimization or SMO deals with making your content visible and shareable using Social Media sites, some of which you will already be familiar with and many you will not be. We focus making your content easier to share all over the web, rather than how much traffic is driven to your website (as is the case with PPC and SEO). The purpose of SMO is to get your content seen no matter where it is on the web, and we are not restricted just to your website.

We still want people to come to your website, because that is going to be your most effective selling presence on the Internet, but using Social Media we will attract and engage with users in ways they want to be targeted. This means using apps, widgets and building and maintaining communities based around your brand, products and services. The wider we can cast your Social Media net, the more potential customers you can touch and engage with.

Why Your Business Should Adopt Social Media Optimization?

Social Media sites are extremely popular and used by all demographics. The ability to share content and information at exponential rates means your messages and information have the potential to reach millions by ‘going viral’.

Social Media signals are also used by search engines as a measure of popularity, authority and relevance. This means that some Social Media Optimization is good for your SEO rankings.

Social Media can give your website more traffic and dramatically broaden your potential audience across the Internet. As social networking sites continue to work on how they can integrate search into their own platform, establishing your presence on them is a good hedge for future proofing your online marketing strategy.

Why Andersen Hindle for Your Social Media Optimization?

What determines how far and wide your content will be shared is how interesting it is and how easy it is to share with others. Interesting content, whether it is video, images or text is obviously going to pique user interest compared to staid and boring. And no matter how great your content is, unless you have equipped it with the ability to be shared between people it is wasted effort.

Andersen Hindle understands how Social Media integrates with your overall marketing strategies. We have a great deal of experience on integrating SEO and PPC with your Social Media efforts so they all work together effectively.

Our Social Media Optimization team is also highly experienced in building and managing online communities, to enhance user engagement and build your brand online.